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and savannah grassland to clear areas for pastures and cropland. A clear and transparent atmosphere is aesthetically pleasant to human beings. Last mile link a problem. Water drops remove the particulates as well as toxic gases, while lime removes SO2 as calcium sulphate or sulphite. Hotels and Restaurents: The average consumption of coal in tandoors based on the survey was 30 kg/day. 19 City authorities claim to have had some success in bringing down air pollution; for instance, during the bidding process for the 2014 Asian Games, the city's organizing committee had claimed that "pollution levels had come down drastically in Delhi with the arrival of Metro. Road dust, mechanical sweeping with water wash: If main roads are swept twice a month, road dust emission will be reduced by 23 per cent; if four times a month, it will be down by 52 per cent. Particulate matter of stratosphere changes the thermal budgets of the atmosphere and decreases the atmospheric temperature.

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Essay on the Effects homework math help of Air Pollution on Animals and Human Beings. At its point of entry into Delhi, at Wazirabad, its dissolved oxygen (DO) content.5 milligrammes per litre. Essay on the Major Air Pollutants. Of coal, wool, pesticides, metals like Hg, Pb, Cu and Fe, biological agents like pollens and dust mites) and more than 1,m. Violators have to pay hefty penalty. Farmers in neighbouring Punjab and Haryana have been setting fire to paddy stubble in their fields after cultivating the crop as part of the slash and burn.