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because there was not enough money for food. There are many issues with poverty in early childhood education. In the essay shame Gregory describes how Richard had to work hard and polish shoes to make little amount of money. Early labor and not having enough help in their academic progress impact on childrens growth and development of child. When children are poverty-stricken it can limit their ability and resources needed for them to reach their full potential in and outside of the classroom (Phillips and Adams, 9). There are many factors that make young children vulnerable to the effects of poverty. The Head Start and Early Head Start program, these programs will help those young children growing up in poverty who need the educational help. In order to understand the topic clearly in detail i plan on having interviews with Canadian youths, who is experiencing poverty and also an interview with adults who have experienced poverty in the past as a child. Many children are born in poor family where their family members lack at providing enough for their children.

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Poverty is one of the most evil situations we have in our society. Our nation has proposed a solution to this problem. The government has set up many programs to try to help, including The Second Harvest and the nccp. I will examine the results of focus group studies on child poverty and research on anything relating to child poverty within Canada. Parents always seem to forget what. As mansion in Gregorys essay shame Richard was not able to focus in school because he was suffering from hunger, and teacher thought he was not smart and they never bother to find out, but the truth was he was just hungry because he was. Child Poverty Essay, Research Paper, children AND poverty IN canada, the purpose of this project is to discuss child poverty and child welfare practice.