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organizations and communities which can have much in common in different locations so they give the characteristics to the number of social disorganization processes which occur. The New York State Judicial Commission on Minorities (1991 a panel of attorneys, law professors, and judges discovered that there exist two diverse justice systems within the state courts of New York; one for white and another different system for the poor and minorities (p. Racial profiling is the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offense. However,once again the picture is not so clear cut;it can be argued that what the figures actually represent is differences in the type of crime committed, withethnic minorities being more involved in street crime such as drug offencesand thereforemore likely to be stopped and searched. However Ashworth highlights the fact that Hoods research does not account for the fact that more black people enter guilty pleas, choose to come to the crown court where sentences given are often harsher and may disproportionately become involved in more serious crime. Recently, social disorganization theory was enriched by a number of new researches and today the term social disorganization refers more to the environment or place people live in rather then to people themselves(from Social disorganization theories of crime). As Von Hirschadvocates, it is necessary to address both theadministration of the system withregard to race, but also the policiesthemselves, and what is necessary to ensure that treatment throughout thesystem is fair. (From Shaw, McKay Juvenile Delinquency and Urban Areas) Many criminology experts state that criminal traditions of certain ethnic or social communities may co-exist and be inherited by younger generations on the hand with traditional conventional values and norms lower-class neighborhoods simply tend to have different. On another aspect of the issue, Davis (1998) espouses the argument that more than any other officials in the criminal justice system, prosecutors have the most immediate effect on racial disparities, and hence, should carry the most responsibility in resolving them (p. Thats why sociologists in majority agree that only residential mobility of poor people in search of work and racial heterogeneity play one of the key roles in the theory of social disorganization. Department of Justice September 2000 report shows an over-representation of minorities in federal capital cases.

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Affirmative Action: Diversity of Opinions. Hence, the hypothesis is that similar to low standardized test scores, poor grades, and depressed wages, black criminality is another product of a history of white supremacy. Discrimination based on racial or ethnic origin is considered morally wrong and in violation of the principle of equality. The officer implied that my friend did not use his right turning signal. Since the beginning of slavery African Americans have suffered due to their identity. Aclu asserts that the Department of Justice study on capital case racial biases is unreliable for the following reasons. Thus there are clearly deeper roots of discrimination which cumulatively result in the discrepancies seen. They accused Attorney General Ashcroft for making rash conclusions out of a fatally flawed study. Spohn deduces that the sentencing reforms implemented since the 1970s have not achieved their goal of eradicating racial disparities and discrimination. We need to distinguish between notions of process and outcome; justice and fairness in the way laws are administered does not necessarily make them fair in and of themselves.

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