right to health care essay

fundamental rights. And healthiness follows economic inequality: the richest get the best care. All of us are at risk for ill health, regardless of how much we exercise and follow the latest "healthy diet" advice. Essay 1850 words - 7 pages fought hard for. The majority of people residing in the country are inclined to believe that health care is actually a privilege. Numerous states reported that private insurers included elements in their basic health care packages that did not agree to the actual needs of the persons insured. Obviously, the programs introduced in the USA aim at the improvement of the quality and extend accessibility of health care services. A system is needed that will prevent medical. Once it is admitted that everyone has a right to basic medical care, then the question is how to provide. The first step in answering this question must by necessity be to define the parameters.

Free Essay: All Americans Have a Right to Health Care Within the previous four yea rs, the number of uninsured Americans has jumped to forty five million. Many people consider healthcare to be a privilege while others consider it a right. Health care should be a right; everyone should be entitl. So where does health care fit in to that? Can one pursue happin ess without health?

In spite of the fact that the health care policy had become intensely debated among government officials, it was still uncertain if it would be made available to the masses or if it was solely meant to provide assistance to particular groups. In such a situation, the lack of access to health care services becomes a serious challenge to the US democracy because it deprives people of basic rights and puts them in an unequal position. For the elderly and the disabled, it doesnt cover long-term nursing home care or prescription medications. Plus some psychiatric care, as well. The 90-year-old's cancer has to have a therapy, as well. Except for the outlier hypothetical cases I've cited, we are talking about the level of care that is available now. Patients have the right to keep their medical history private for their own protection, but that privacy is increasingly being threatened by the growth of the. Citizens should have the right to house weapons not only to defend themselves against a corrupt government, but criminals as well. In such a context, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the attitude of Americans to health care services has to change. As a result, it is only natural for them to want health care to be made into a universal right.