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to hunt. With the above definition, it is worth noting that eco-tourists may fail to understand the difference between ecotourism and mainstream tourism. It can be a direct benefit to the development of the economy and political systems of the surrounding community. However, the disadvantage cannot be neglected. It seems that the cons often outweigh the pros of eco tourism. The International Ecotourism Society offers a succinct and often cited definition: "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people" (ties). First of all, both recognize the environment as the main functional unit.

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Both tourism and ecotourism aim towards sustainable development. This is the theory anyway. Several university programs use this description as the working definition of ecotourism. Ecotourism based activities involve a close interaction with the environment with actions such as species identity and indigenous knowledge on certain phenomena. The local economy can be diversified in areas where agricultural industry provides unsteady functionalist theory sport essay income for locals. Not only is this extremely patronizing, but it is discouraging the Masai and other indigenous people from pursuing their traditional life styles. Activities when taking part IN AN ECO-tour. This is as far different from mass tourism as you can get. So we look forward to receiving comments from lecturer. It offers countries new opportunities for small-enterprise investment and employment and increases the national stake in protecting their biological resources.