keeping animals in the zoo essay

positive attitude. Is a debatable topic and people around the globe are divided in their opinions. If we do not give our money to bad establishments, they will be forced to make changes. Second, sports passion essay zoos raise peoples awareness of wild animal protection. Keeping Animals in Zoos Essay by naomi chisi (cork-Ireland we no longer need to have animals kept in zoos, so zoos should be closed.

keeping animals in the zoo essay

Free Essay: Animals play an important role of human life.
Anim als habitat, and there are some problems arise from keeping them in cages.
Zoos operate on the premise that they provide an opportunity for t he public to learn about animals.
However, this is untrue, as keeping animals.
This essay will discuss the reason why it is important to keep the animals in the zoos.

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PTE Essays, other Important Essays: Model Answer 2: Submitted by S Shah, whether animals are to be kept in Zoos or let them live in forests is a debatable issue. If all zoos were closed down, these creatures, with no natural habitats left, would have nowhere to seek refuge. Do You Know: There are over 100 essay topics that get repeated in PTE Academic Exam. Moreover, people visiting Zoos can get to know about the different species and also children learn about their origin and habits. Please have a look. First of all, animals kept in zoos get a professional medical care, which is unavailable in their natural habitat. Internationally, people knew and learn wild animals from the zoos they have visited. Taking into consideration all the above points, I believe that zoos should not be banned as they are safe living places for many animals. On the other hand, animals in zoos are not in their natural habitat. Some people think that animals should be kept in the zoo for their better living, while on the contrary, some say that animals should not be kept in cages, instead they should be kept free in natural habitat. There are two main reasons why some people believe zoos can good for wild animal protection. There is certainly something to be said for the work that many zoos do for species such as the Giant Panda, an animal that is low in numbers and notoriously slow and picky with regards to procreation.

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