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not be? You don't doubt her sincerity when she writes, "Pray, take care of people, be actively grateful for your blessings, give away your money. Image 1 of / 3, image 1 of 3, anne Lamott, author of "Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith" (Riverhead) Photo by Scott Braley. Reviewed by Stephen. Even though its mostly hidden now as I go through my daily life, the truth is, that hole is forever a part of my story, even the new ones I am writing. How do you forgive, in her minister's words, "an endless, paranoid right-wing government"? I thought if people like me stopped hating him, it would mean that he had won." This seems to be a righteous dilemma for a Christian. And as is the case with any good writer with a strong voice, her readers, including me, come to feel that we know her. I like every essay in this section of the book, but my favorites are the two about her parents. Julia Cho with her husband and daughter (Julia Cho).

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But her disdain for Bush is her biggest spiritual challenge. For the essay interest in engineering moment at least, Lamott stops hating her mother. Lamott is the author of nine books of fact and fiction, including "Traveling Mercies "Operating Instructions" and "Bird by Bird." In "Plan B she comes across as a combination. She begins the piece with a very uncharitable sentiment when she admits, "I liked having a dead mother much more than having an impossible one." But in sorting through her mother's purse for the first time and decorating the box of ashes in birthday wrapping. Lamott keeps the faith but still hates Bush 1 / 3, back to Gallery, plan. I promised myself I wouldnt, but then I opened up to a writer Ive long admired about the most surreal, unbelievable thing that has ever happened. I handed her my dog-eared copy of her book. . Ive long admired Lamotts writing voice, the way she weaves together the lighter moments and really hard things in life with grace.