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can be done by using rigid sealed enclosures around machinery lined with acoustic absorbing material. As air and water pollution affects human beings; in the same way the affect of noise is very close. Noise, lake water rushes out through any cracks or openings. However, the less discussed, but not less hazardous form of noise is the indoor noise to which many human beings are constantly exposed within the campus of their work and home environment. The ill-effects of noise pollution are many. The number of sources of noise may affect human beings.

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Noise pollution can endanger life by obscuring shouts for help. Fire crackers: Fire crackers are exploded to make huge sound during celebrations and festive occasions. . In the presence of noise, some animals raise the level of their voice. The air cooler is supported by a large and powerful fan. They are constantly exposed to noise of the working machinery. Community noises arising from traffic and transportation can be done by switching to quieter diesel engines, routing highways from populated areas. Many of the office equipment make noise. Large public gatherings are held. Planting of trees around houses can also act as effective noise barriers. None can escape from the noise which is known as uncoated sound. Air transport have also increased and air fields too. Noise pollution can affect human beings in two ways: Physiological Effect of Noise.

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