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as well as Hitchcock and Brownsville, Texas. Muslim India and the Birth of PakistanS. When the stock market is rising, it is called Bullish and when down, it is called Bearish. Amicus is an impartial adviser to a court of law in a particular case. Surah Inaam means Camel. Namibia is administrated by South Africa. Roman Empire was established in.C. Total number of National Assembly seats in the.F.O. Lowest birth rate and highest death rate is of Peru. In which category Iblees lies? Citric acid is a good substitution for ascorbic acid in our nutrition.

Galvanometer Hydrometer is the device that measures: The specific gravity of a liquid Hygrometer is used to measure: humidity What is used for detecting and measure earthquakes? What is the name of writer of Kitab Al-Assar? Adam is mentioned in Surah Aaraf. Fajar and Isha were essential in the early period of Islam. What is Frances longest river: Loire Hundroo (Hundrubagh) Water Falls are in India.

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