world ozone day essay in gujarati

With the growing technology which accounts for both good and bad there are many industries and commercial factories involved in the manufacture of appliances like refrigerator, fire extinguisher, and air conditioners which uses component like chlorofluorocarbons in large quantity which in turn release the free. The celebration takes place in schools, colleges, universities through various activities to generate and spread a word about this menace that has created much problem in the climatic conditions. These updated stats are then given to different universities to study them comprehensively and provide substantial solutions to the issue. Most scientists agree that without the ozone layer, life on Earth will cease to exist. The day's main focus is to draw the attention of the people worldwide on the protection of the ozone layer. It was done to commemorate the signing of Montreal Convention against the depletion of ozone layer in the year 2000 on 19th of December. How World Ozone Day is Celebrated? International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer will be celebrated in 2018 on 16th of September, Sunday. Themes of previous years are: The theme of 2018 is yet to come.

world ozone day essay in gujarati

World Ozone Day Days Of The Year World ozone day, Ozone depletion cycle, Prevention, Ozone day World Ozone Day 2018 - International Day for the Preservation

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History of International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (World Ozone Day). They share events in their area, famous environmental"s and facts, add photos based on the theme of that particular year and give online speeches on the substantial topics related to ozone depletion and its repercussions. The mother Earth provides us with so many valuable environmental facilities without which we cannot survive. Youngsters nowadays use Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites on this day to promote the theme of International Day of the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Why is International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (World Ozone Day) Celebrated? This day is marked by celebration of various programs and events and activities are conducted mainly at educational institutions to earn and know more about this global phenomenon. Area wise activities based on the theme of the year is organised by the government in order to celebrate and spread awareness. The day is full of organic activities. Educators usually set aside this day to teach their students about the Ozone layer and many schools organize special events and activities to raise awareness.

World ozone day essay in gujarati
world ozone day essay in gujarati

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