essay on fears and phobias

or social and psychological experiences may also be responsible. A fear, however, can not be classified as a phobia unless it causes unreasonable distress or interference with normal functioning. Even those who usually adjust their lives to fit their phobias are sometimes able to confront what they fear, toughing it out, suffering all the while. Actually all free research paper samples and examples available online are 100 plagiarized! Retrieved 12:35, October 08, 2018, from.

Mostly it is a result of a bad accident which leaves in our mind unpleasant memories. Often, social phobias suffer from symptoms of depression, and many also become dependent on alcohol. And her mother she did what was natural to most simple people. First there are specific phobias, in which a person demonstrates debilitating, excessive, and unreasonable fear in response to particular stimuli. Even success in social situations fails to make them feel more confident.

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essay on fears and phobias

1 page, 389 words, the Essay on Agoraphobia My Report Fear Panic Person. And the lake attracted us by its shinning surface. With some phobias the person may have specific thoughts, which attribute some threat to the feared situation. Simple phobias do not often interfere with daily life or cause as much subjective distress as most other anxiety disorders. Able to get somewhere safe. At other times (e.g. When a person sees the subject which reminds him about the accident, he feels uncomfortable and a strong desire to escape. 3 pages, 1350 words, the Essay on Social Anxiety. But because they result in considerable distress, people who suffer from them are more likely to seek treatment than are people with simple phobias.

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